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It is mandatory to read the below Terms and Conditions before you book us.




  •  50% of the total amount has to be paid as advance to block the dates.
  •  The remaining 40% of the total amount has to be paid before week of the event date.
  • On paying the full Payment 100% the end deliverables will be processed.
  •  The advance amount once paid will not be refunded.
  •  The refund of advance paid will be processed only if the event is cancelled, which will be subjected to 30% deduction from the amount paid.
  • No refund or compensation will be provided if the event footages are been missed or deleted due to technical reason.


  • Pre / Post shoot will be for 3 hours with 2 costumes. Additional Hours will be
  •  15 Best photos will be edited and given to client.
  •  Raw photos & video of Outdoor shoot will not be given.
  •  There will not be any negotiations or reduction, If the client did not take the pre shoot / post shoot which comes in the package.
  •  Date, Location & Costume for the outdoor shoot should be discussed a week prior with the team.
  •  Complimentary outdoor shoot should be claimed within 3 months of the event date.
  •  Complimentary Outdoor shoot will not be done on Sunday.
  • Props for the shoot will not be provided.
  •  Transportation and Accommodation charges will be claimed for the outdoor shoot



  • First copy of event photos (25 photos ) will be shared within 2 working days from the day of event.
  • Photos will be delivered between 15 – 25 working days from the event date.


  • Traditional video will be delivered between 15 – 25 working days from the event.
  • 45mins – 1 hour of traditional video for a session will be given.
  • Candid video teaser will be delivered between 3-5 days working days & Candid Highlights video will be delivered within 5 working days once the songs is been selected by the client.
  • The songs should be provided by the client before we start processing the traditional & Candid video. Post which, any changes in songs will be charged additionally. (5000 to 7000).
  • Teaser will be done in our standard style, songs selection for teaser is not applicable.
  • We preserve your footage Maximum of 1 year, post which it will be erased from our system.


  •  The photos should mandatorily be selected within one month from the date of  the event for designing the Album.
  • Only after the selection of the design pattern we will be proceeding with the album design.
  •  We will take 20 – 30 working days to process the photos for album from the date of photos selected by the client.  
  • Maximum of 2 preview or Correction for album design will be done from our end.
  • The photo selection process, finalising the album design and approval to send the album for printing, all should be done by the clients within 3 months from the date of event. Any delay from the speculated time period will cost additional charges.
  • Final Album designs will be previewed to the client for approval, post which album printing will be printed.
  • Album will be sent to print only after full & final settlement
  • Maximum Album printing time will be 30 – 45 working days from the date of design approved by the client.
  • Album price, designed pattern, sheet variety is subject to availability
  • Outdoor magazine album will have 15 photos, for which we will not be getting any approval from client.


  • Live stream per session will be for 4 hours, extending the live will be charged extra.
  • The connectivity of the live depends on the area of the wedding hall. 


  • Travel for the crew will be arranged by Studio
  •  Rooms for accommodating the team have to be arranged from client’s end. 1 room will be shared by 3 members of the team; hence the number of rooms should be arranged accordingly.


  •  Travel for the crew will be arranged by Studio and will be claimed at the end of shoot.
  •  Rooms for accommodating the team have to be arranged from client’s end. 1 room will be shared by 3 members of the team; hence the number of rooms should be arranged accordingly.
  •  Minimum of 800/person for one way will be charged for transportation. The Actual charges for transportation will be ascertained 2 days before the event, which may fluctuate according to the distance, seasonal changes & unexpected natural calamities.



  • Do not entertain the photographers and the team during the event in your private gatherings.
  • Do not share your personal details (phone number, social media details) to the team which is going to perform on your event.
  • Per session timings will be for 6 hours respectively, more than 6 hours will be charged extra.
  • A group will be created for discussing about the event, deliverables and any queries.
  • It is mandatory to have a discussion on a call before event to discuss about the event flow.
  • Kindly give 30-45mins for getting ready shots and portraits.
  • We will provide the contact detail of the Lead photographer before the event day and he will handle the entire event. He will be the point of contact for the entire the shoot.
  • CrackJack Team has a dedicated Client Relationship Manager whom you can contact regarding the photos, video, delivery timings and other queries. ( 11am to 8pm ) ( Sunday Holiday )
  • The event coverage will only be at the venue specified in the quotation. The team will not shift to any other venue that is not mentioned in the final quotation.
  •  The team will cover only the sessions mentioned in the quotation given. No other extra sessions like, Nalangu and other rituals will be covered if it is not mentioned in the quotation given.
  •  Any concerns or escalations during the shoot and after shoot should directly reach to CRM (8678944455, 8678944466) or any Shoot Manager assigned to the particular event.
  • Kindly inform the Lead photographer about the close relatives and family members to be captured in highlighted. After the event, CrackJack is not responsible for later claim.
  • Please ensure that all the family photos has been captured before event closing ( Wedding & reception ). Management is not responsible for later claim.
  • Drone will be operated only in the desired place where the wedding hall and Government approved areas. In case the wedding hall doesn’t allow to take drone shot, we are not responsible and there is no concession for that.
  • Telecasting the event in LED provided by the wedding hall will be charged 5,000.
  • If you have arranged another team for the wedding it should be informed prior later CrackJack is not responsible for quality of work.
  • We request the clients to get it cleared their doubts, clarification, negotiation, requirements before paying the advance to serve better.
  • We reserve the rights of the photos to be published in social media for our promotional activities.
  • Anything apart from the description will be charged as per the requirement*


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