A synergy of both our passion and meeting new people resulting in capturing beautiful images

CrackJack Wedding photography

CrackJack Photography is a constituent of  Wedding photography Team & Wedding cinema making house; both based out at Chennai (expanding), India.

A team that ardently loves to travel around the world to capture memories of satisfied customers. We offer full service Wedding photography, Wedding video solutions, wedding shoots, product photography, documentaries and corporate event coverage.

 In over 6 years of our journey, we have captured moments of joy, moments of love, laughter, and happily ever after all around India. We have covered weddings at both ends of the scale from 10,000 guests all the way down to weddings with under 10 guests. View samples of our Wedding photography and Wedding cinema work. Since inception in 2014 as a niche wedding photography services provider; we have expanded prolifically our portfolio and our team strength of photographers and cinematographers across the Chennai city now. We are dedicated to the craft: we love the art, the science, and the sheer joy of the perfect frame.

Our Skills

Wedding candid photography

Capturing the best of your life time moments to be preserved for posterity

Pre and Post Wedding

Where the adventure begins; for a blessed life long journey of togetherness

Kids Photography

To light up the world and to preserve every small step and every contagious smile of a child

Fashion Photography

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades; this genre is all about concept and theme

Why Choose Us?


We passionately mix the emotional content of an image with the photographic technique to impart hearts

Professional skills

Photography is in our bloodstream like virus and its directly proportional to the measure of commitment to excellence laid out

Perfect Equipment

Cameras right equipment and tool that puts a world of possibilities at the finger tip to capture the beauty of life through lense.


Happiness from a good phtotoshoot depends upon the quality of the output of the photos with emotional warmth


To service across the globe and to be the best in the industry as we don’t shoot what it looks like but shoot what it feels like us if there is no light.


Our focus has determined our realility to spread timeless memories of joy and satisfaction through our services

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